Still Day 186. At this point I'm trying to think of creative ways I could expedite the closing process.

3:13:50 PMSystemInitial Question/Comment: Other
3:13:55 PMSystemThank you for contacting eBay Live Help!
3:13:55 PMSystemYou are successfully connected to eBay Live Help. Please hold for the next available Live Help Agent.
3:14:30 PMSystemRay S. has joined this session!
3:14:30 PMSystemConnected with Ray S.
3:14:35 PMRay S.Hello, thank you for waiting and welcome to eBay Live Chat! My name is Ray. If you're a registered member, may I please start by having you confirm your User ID and first name?
3:14:38 PM[eBaiting]Me again
3:14:48 PM[eBaiting]Oh I don't think I've met you yet Ray
3:14:58 PM[eBaiting]Take a second and check out my recent history
3:15:10 PMRay S.I don't recall chatting with you before either, but that's okay. Let me just pull up your previous chat.
3:15:10 PMRay S.I'll be with you shortly.
3:16:20 PMRay S.I see you chatted with quite a number of people today. I'm still reviewing at this time. Your patience is appreciated.
3:16:29 PM[eBaiting]Yeah check the ones from last week too
3:16:34 PM[eBaiting]The today ones are funnier though
3:18:30 PMRay S.Okay. From what I see, you have been trying to close your account. I do see that you chatted with a manager as well, and that they have let you know that there is not any way to speed up the process.
3:19:24 PM[eBaiting]Yeah I figured
3:19:34 PM[eBaiting]But I bet I could get them to change their minds
3:19:50 PMRay S.Was there something else that you required assistance with other than this account termination?
3:20:00 PMRay S.I see that the process has already started for termination at this time.
3:20:14 PM[eBaiting]It actually started 186 days ago
3:20:55 PMRay S.Okay. I only have access to see the current status of the account, but not any details on when it may have started.
3:21:21 PM[eBaiting]If I did somethin really bad, could I get it permanently closed earlier?
3:22:15 PMRay S.Your account could become suspended if you were in violation of policies on eBay.
3:22:22 PM[eBaiting]Like what?
3:22:28 PM[eBaiting]I can't buy or sell at the moment
3:22:34 PM[eBaiting]What else could I do to get suspended?
3:23:00 PMRay S.Since the account is in termination, you would not be able to buy or sell so I'm not sure what other violations would result in your suspension.
3:23:07 PM[eBaiting]Can you find out?
3:23:12 PM[eBaiting]It is very important to me
3:23:25 PMRay S.Also, our general support is not able to recommend actions to become suspended, and I'm sure you can understand why we cannot offer those suggestions.
3:23:56 PM[eBaiting]Can a supervisor do that?
3:24:30 PMRay S.No, no one on our support team can give you suggestions on how to violate policy to become suspended, since that would go against our policies for our agents.
3:25:27 PM[eBaiting]Is there a link to some department I could email that would tell me this?
3:26:05 PMRay S.I can give you an email link for our Trust & Safety team, as they are the ones who decide what is in violation of policy, and are the ones who set suspensions for accounts.
3:26:20 PMRay S.You can contact Trust & Safety using the following link:
3:26:25 PMRay S.Then click the "Email Us" link on that page under the "Contact Customer Support" heading.
3:26:34 PM[eBaiting]Ok I will ask them, thanks.
3:27:20 PMRay S.You're very welcome. I hope you get this figured out with our Trust & Safety team.
3:27:20 PMRay S.Is there anything else I can help you with today?
3:28:32 PM[eBaiting]Is Jerry around?
3:28:46 PM[eBaiting]I need to make sure Meridyth told her I said sorry I thought she was a dude.
3:29:00 PMRay S.I can check to see if Jerry is available. Let me check our queue to see if they are logged in. I'll be with you shortly.
3:30:26 PMRay S.I don't see Jerry logged in at this time, and I know there isn't a Jerry in my office that I am familiar with, so they maybe in another location.
3:30:33 PM[eBaiting]Ok thanks anyway
3:30:33 PMRay S.You may want to try again later if you want to get a hold of Jerry.
3:30:43 PM[eBaiting]How many offices are there do you know?
3:30:56 PMRay S.I'm not quite sure, as we have many offices around the world for customer support.
3:31:05 PM[eBaiting]Ok just curious
3:31:26 PMRay S.It might be that he's across the world somewhere in another one of our support offices, as there aren't any Jerry's in my area.
3:31:33 PM[eBaiting]Jerry is actually a she
3:31:42 PM[eBaiting]But that's okay, I made the same mistake
3:31:49 PMRay S.Ah, that's right.
3:31:53 PM[eBaiting]I even asked her for some good porn recommendations, thinking she was a guy
3:31:54 PMRay S.That's why you wanted to talk to her.
3:32:26 PMRay S.Perhaps you can try again later to see if she is available.
3:32:37 PM[eBaiting]Thank you I shall
3:33:11 PMRay S.You're very welcome. I'm glad that I was able to help. Thank you for your time and for using Live Chat. Feel welcome to come back to Live Chat if you have any questions or concerns.

[Total chat time: 20 minutes.]

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