This is my personal favorite chat, as I take a break from all the complaining and go completely off-topic, and the LiveHelp people still keep talking to me! Plus I'm spreading awareness myself through this website. See? eBaiting is a good thing!

1:27:59 PMSystemInitial Question/Comment: Other
1:28:04 PMSystemThank you for contacting eBay Live Help!
1:28:04 PMSystemYou are successfully connected to eBay Live Help. Please hold for the next available Live Help Agent.
1:28:29 PMSystemMaria M. has joined this session!
1:28:29 PMSystemConnected with Maria M.
1:28:34 PMMaria M.Hello, thank you for waiting and welcome to eBay Live Chat! My name is Maria. If you're a registered member, may I please start by having you confirm your User ID and first name?
1:28:47 PM[eBaiting][My eBay ID]
1:29:09 PMMaria M.Thanks! Hi! Can I also have your email address?
1:29:36 PM[eBaiting][My eBay ID], [My email address]
1:30:04 PMMaria M.Thanks! How may I help you?
1:30:16 PM[eBaiting]I need to know what I can do to fight global warming.
1:32:09 PMMaria M.I can understand that's a serious matter, however, I'd like to know if there's an eBay concern I can help you with?
1:32:22 PM[eBaiting]Is eBay concerned about global warming?
1:34:19 PMMaria M.I need pass you to my supervisor.
1:34:28 PM[eBaiting]Okay
1:34:44 PMMaria M.Please hold on!
1:34:48 PM[eBaiting]Okay
1:35:19 PMSystemMaria M. has left this session!
1:35:19 PMSystemJimmy B. has joined this session!
1:35:19 PMSystemConnected with Jimmy B.
1:35:39 PMJimmy B.Hi! My name's Jimmy, Maria's supervisor. How may I help you?
1:35:48 PM[eBaiting]Hi Jimmy
1:35:54 PM[eBaiting]I need to know what I can do to fight global warming.
1:36:39 PMJimmy B.You can actually look that up on the internet, using your favorite search engine.
1:36:57 PM[eBaiting]I did and curiously enough it brought me here to eBay.
1:36:59 PMJimmy B.But, I'd be happy to help you with any eBay concern you may have.
1:37:07 PM[eBaiting]Is eBay concerned about global warming?
1:37:34 PMJimmy B.Can you tell me which search engine you used, and how you ended up on eBay?
1:37:44 PM[eBaiting]I forget which one
1:37:59 PM[eBaiting]But I typed how to fight global warming
1:38:03 PMJimmy B.You can tell me the last one you used.
1:38:05 PM[eBaiting]And one of the links led to an auction
1:38:09 PM[eBaiting]I forget which one
1:38:24 PMJimmy B.How many did you use?
1:38:31 PM[eBaiting]Just one
1:38:39 PM[eBaiting]But it was not today
1:38:43 PM[eBaiting]It was last week
1:38:51 PM[eBaiting]I did not have a lot of time
1:38:58 PM[eBaiting]So I wrote down eBay and then I came back today
1:39:09 PM[eBaiting]I saw the "Live Help" link so I clicked it
1:39:20 PMJimmy B.That's too bad. I'd like to investigate this further, however, if you're unable to provide me with the search engine you used, I won't be able to look it up.
1:39:30 PM[eBaiting]Sorry but I can't remember
1:39:37 PMJimmy B.No problem.
1:39:41 PM[eBaiting]Is there any way to find out?
1:40:24 PMJimmy B.If you're unable to remember, then I won't be able to know.
1:40:39 PM[eBaiting]Ok
1:40:45 PM[eBaiting]I guess it is lost to the ages then
1:40:48 PM[eBaiting]Sorry
1:40:49 PM[eBaiting]I feel bad
1:40:59 PMJimmy B.It's no trouble. Anything else I can help you with?
1:41:14 PM[eBaiting]No, I guess the planet is doomed
1:41:44 PMJimmy B.I sincerely hope not.
1:45:24 PMJimmy B.If you have the auction's item number, maybe I can look that up for you?
1:45:33 PM[eBaiting]Sorry I don't remember that either
1:45:44 PM[eBaiting]I think it had global warming in the title though
1:46:34 PMJimmy B.Then, I think I can use "global warming" as the key word. Please hold on while I check that.

AHAHAHAHAHA, he actually goes off for 5 whole minutes looking for some global warming auction that I just made up! This is too priceless!

1:51:39 PMJimmy B.Did you also try looking for the item?
1:51:50 PM[eBaiting]Yes but I could not find it either
1:52:19 PMJimmy B.That's too bad. Maybe it was already removed.
1:52:34 PM[eBaiting]Why would that happen?
1:52:59 PMJimmy B.There can be many reasons...
1:53:09 PMJimmy B.The seller may have ended it.
1:53:14 PMJimmy B.Or we removed it.
1:53:43 PM[eBaiting]eBay removes auctions?
1:53:49 PMJimmy B.But, if it's not there, then our bidders or buyers will no longer be able to bid or buy it.
1:54:19 PMJimmy B.If an auction violates our listing policies, yes they get removed.
1:54:48 PMJimmy B.I can get you an article about it. Would you like a link to that article?
1:54:53 PM[eBaiting]Is there a record of when this has happened?
1:55:00 PM[eBaiting]Maybe that is what happened
1:55:39 PMJimmy B.We have a specific department that may be able to help you with that matter...
1:56:05 PMJimmy B.You can send an email to our Trust and Safety representatives and you can directly ask them about that item.
1:56:34 PMJimmy B.I can get you a different link so you can send them that email. Would you like me to get you that link now?
1:56:41 PM[eBaiting]They will probably ask what the number is though
1:56:47 PM[eBaiting]And I do not have it
1:57:40 PMJimmy B.I'm honestly not that familiar with how they investigate these matters, but if you're really concerned about this auction, you can give it a try.
1:57:48 PM[eBaiting]Ok
2:00:14 PMJimmy B.Hi, I'm back with the link...
2:00:29 PMJimmy B.Please click on this link to send the email:
2:00:39 PMJimmy B.When you visit this page, please remember to click on the "Email Us" link near the bottom of the page.
2:00:44 PM[eBaiting]Ok thanks
2:01:01 PMJimmy B.You're very welcome.
2:01:03 PM[eBaiting]And this will fix global warming right?
2:03:35 PMJimmy B.Oh, this investigation will only help you find the auction you found before about global warming...
2:03:54 PMJimmy B.Fighting global warming is done on a much larger scale.
2:04:03 PM[eBaiting]Ok
2:04:08 PM[eBaiting]I just thought eBay could help
2:04:34 PMJimmy B.You can check out our Community Discussion Boards.
2:04:47 PMJimmy B.There are lots of members there who share their thoughts.
2:04:49 PM[eBaiting]Do I need an active account for that?
2:05:49 PMJimmy B.Yup. As a member, you can share your ideas there.
2:05:58 PM[eBaiting]Unfortunately I am not a member
2:06:05 PM[eBaiting]I asked to close my account some time ago
2:06:16 PM[eBaiting]So I guess there is nothing I can do
2:06:24 PMJimmy B.You can easily sign up for a new account.
2:06:35 PM[eBaiting]Nah that is okay
2:06:49 PM[eBaiting]I will just let the ice caps melt
2:06:52 PM[eBaiting]It is no big deal
2:07:09 PMJimmy B.Is there any other eBay concern I can help you with?
2:07:24 PM[eBaiting]No I don't think so
2:07:30 PM[eBaiting]Oh wait
2:07:31 PM[eBaiting]yeah
2:07:35 PM[eBaiting]My old account
2:07:42 PM[eBaiting]It is still "sort of" active
2:07:46 PM[eBaiting]I can sign in but can't buy or sell
2:07:55 PM[eBaiting]Can you see what is up with it?
2:09:44 PMJimmy B.the only information I can pull up from the account is to inform you to wait for the results of your request.
2:09:56 PM[eBaiting]Ok
2:10:02 PM[eBaiting]I will do that
2:10:04 PM[eBaiting]And in the meantime
2:10:19 PMJimmy B.I appreciate your cooperation.
2:10:21 PM[eBaiting]I will continue to write LiveHelp people with pointless questions about global warming
2:10:27 PM[eBaiting]Like I did just now
2:12:14 PMJimmy B.Global warming isn't pointless, I can see that you're a concerned person who just wants to have a good life.
2:12:25 PM[eBaiting]Nah I just want my eBay account closed
2:12:35 PM[eBaiting]That's the only reason I even wrote
2:13:05 PMJimmy B.That's fine. Then I guess there's nothing else to discuss here.
2:13:10 PM[eBaiting]Guess not

[Total chat time: 45 minutes.]

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