5/3/2007 (Day 189)

Today I had my first encounter with Henry Y., who tried to put a little scare into me.

2:58:36 PMSystemInitial Question/Comment: Other
2:58:41 PMSystemThank you for contacting eBay Live Help!
2:58:41 PMSystemAmy has joined this session!
2:58:41 PMSystemConnected with Amy
2:58:41 PMAmyHello, thank you for waiting and welcome to eBay Live Chat! My name is Amy. If you're a registered member, may I please start by having you confirm your User ID and first name?
2:58:56 PM[eBaiting]Oh I think you already know who this is.
2:59:21 PMAmyBefore we start, may I have your User ID please?
2:59:44 PM[eBaiting]Come on, you should know this.... :)
2:59:51 PM[eBaiting]Oh very well
2:59:56 PM[eBaiting][My eBay ID]
3:00:06 PMAmyThank you! How may I help you today?
3:00:16 PM[eBaiting]My account is still open
3:00:56 PMAmyJust a moment please.
3:01:23 PM[eBaiting]I have plenty of moments
3:02:16 PMAmyThank you! I'll be right back
3:03:16 PMSystemAmy has left this session!
3:04:26 PMSystemHenry Y. has joined this session!
3:04:26 PMSystemConnected with Henry Y.
3:04:34 PM[eBaiting]Y? Because we like you
3:04:46 PMHenry Y.Hello. My name is Henry.
3:05:01 PM[eBaiting]Hi
3:05:05 PM[eBaiting]You must be a supervisor
3:05:11 PMHenry Y.What can I help you with?
3:05:14 PM[eBaiting]I get transferred a lot
3:05:21 PMHenry Y.Yes, I'm Amy's supervisor.
3:05:24 PM[eBaiting]Nobody wants to talk to me
3:07:01 PMHenry Y.I noticed Kenny mentioning that we won't be able to assist you further in live chat about your account closure. Do you have any other questions?

YES!! They’re talking about me with each other now!!

3:07:18 PM[eBaiting]Yeah why can't I be assisted anymore?
3:08:11 PMHenry Y.I don't have to remind you that Kenny told you to wait 14 days before coming back into chat. Can I ask you to confirm your IP address. Is it [a certain IP, not even close]?
3:08:19 PM[eBaiting]I do not know
3:08:24 PM[eBaiting]It is not a static IP
3:10:51 PMHenry Y.Can I ask if your ISP is [a certain ISP]?
3:11:03 PM[eBaiting]No it is [my actual one]
3:11:14 PM[eBaiting]Whyfor do you ask?
3:11:23 PM[eBaiting]Are you trying to scare me?
3:11:28 PM[eBaiting]Because you are not succeeding
3:11:35 PM[eBaiting]I am not committing any crime by being here
3:11:46 PM[eBaiting]Are you going to complain to my ISP?
3:11:54 PM[eBaiting]If you can even find my real one
3:11:59 PM[eBaiting]The worst you can do is end this session
3:12:16 PMSystemHenry Y. has left this session!

Good doggy.

[Total chat time: 14 minutes.]

2:59:06 PMSystemInitial Question/Comment: Other
2:59:06 PMSystemThank you for contacting eBay Live Help!
2:59:11 PMSystemYou are successfully connected to eBay Live Help. Please hold for the next available Live Help Agent.
2:59:41 PMSystemLawrence has joined this session!
2:59:41 PMSystemConnected with Lawrence
2:59:46 PMLawrenceHello, thank you for waiting and welcome to eBay Live Chat! My name is Lawrence. If you're a registered member, may I please start by having you confirm your User ID and first name?
3:00:11 PM[eBaiting]You mean they haven't told you about me?
3:00:21 PMLawrencePardon me?
3:00:26 PMLawrenceNo, I'm sorry. I don't believe we've met! What brings you in to Live Chat today?
3:00:31 PM[eBaiting]I thought they warned everyone about me
3:00:40 PM[eBaiting]Yesterday I was getting xfered to supervisors right away
3:00:46 PMLawrenceWhat seems to be the problem?
3:01:06 PM[eBaiting]I have been trying to close my account for 189 days now
3:01:13 PM[eBaiting]But eBay will not do it
3:01:36 PMLawrenceI see. I'd like to help. May I please have your User ID?
3:01:54 PM[eBaiting][My eBay ID]
3:03:01 PMLawrenceI'm sorry but apparently we've explained to you your situation with your account several times yesterday regarding the closure of your account.
3:03:11 PM[eBaiting]Yes I know
3:03:15 PMLawrenceDo you have any other eBay related questions that I can help you with?
3:03:27 PM[eBaiting]And since there is nothing else I can do
3:03:29 PM[eBaiting]I am doing this
3:03:46 PMLawrenceDo you plan on selling on eBay anymore?
3:03:50 PM[eBaiting]Never again
3:05:26 PMLawrenceThe reason why you are not getting much help is because you log into multiple chats and ask the same question over and over again. This makes it hard for us to help other members when you do this.

Here it is again. Confirmation that eBaiting has an impact. Keep in mind it's still just me doing this.

3:05:35 PM[eBaiting]That is the whole point
3:05:40 PM[eBaiting]Just close the account and I will go away
3:06:11 PMLawrenceYour account is pending termination. If you do not sell any more you won't be charged any more fees. I strongly recommend that you just wait for your account to close. You will not incur any more fees if you stop selling today.
3:06:21 PM[eBaiting]I haven't sold in over 6 months
3:06:33 PM[eBaiting]yThe only reason it's still open is because eBay screwed up
3:06:33 PMLawrenceWhat you've been doing (logging in and out with multiple chats) honestly won't help you.
3:06:43 PM[eBaiting]Yeah I know
3:06:45 PMSystemLawrence has left this session!
3:06:56 PMSystemAllison B. has joined this session!
3:06:56 PMSystemConnected with Allison B.
3:07:06 PM[eBaiting]But it will hinder you
3:07:31 PMAllison B.Hello, my name is Alli and I am a Supervisor at eBay.
3:07:48 PMAllison B.Please confirm your I.P. address and location.
3:08:01 PM[eBaiting]I do not know my IP address
3:08:36 PM[eBaiting]Henry Y just asked me the same thing
3:09:01 PMAllison B.Is it: [Same IP Henry Y. gave]
3:09:07 PM[eBaiting]How do I check
3:09:33 PM[eBaiting]It is not a static IP

She never got back to me, and eventually I was disconnected. Guessing she made a note of whatever of my current connection info she could see, and moved on.

[Total chat time: 10 minutes.]

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