Still Day 189. I decide to throw myself a little pity party to see how they'll react.

4:58:17 PMSystemInitial Question/Comment: Other
4:58:23 PMSystemThank you for contacting eBay Live Help!
4:58:23 PMSystemYou are successfully connected to eBay Live Help. Please hold for the next available Live Help Agent.
4:58:59 PMSystemGlenda B. has joined this session!
4:58:59 PMSystemConnected with Glenda B.
4:58:59 PMGlenda B.Hello and Welcome to eBay's Live Chat. My name is Glenda. If you are a registered member, may I please start by having you confirm your user ID and first name?
4:59:07 PM[eBaiting]This is [eBaiting]
4:59:29 PMGlenda B.Hi [eBaiting]. .How are you?
4:59:39 PM[eBaiting]Frustrated
5:00:01 PMGlenda B.Oh, I am sorry to hear that.
5:00:01 PMGlenda B.How may I assist you today?
5:00:18 PM[eBaiting]You can't, nobody can
5:00:21 PM[eBaiting]I just have to wait
5:00:25 PM[eBaiting]But I am tired of waiting
5:01:22 PMGlenda B.What is it about, [eBaiting]?
5:01:27 PM[eBaiting]My account
5:01:29 PMGlenda B.I hope I can help.
5:01:43 PM[eBaiting]Nah, like I said nobody can
5:01:47 PM[eBaiting]I just have to wait
5:01:57 PM[eBaiting]But I am so, so very, so very tired of waiting
5:05:26 PM[eBaiting]And waiting
5:05:52 PMGlenda B.[eBaiting], you're not telling me what's the issue.
5:06:07 PM[eBaiting]I am trying so very hard to close my account permanently
5:07:56 PMGlenda B.[eBaiting], I can see that your request has been processed already.
5:08:08 PM[eBaiting]But my account is still open
5:08:44 PMGlenda B.The system shall close it in due time, [eBaiting]. Don't worry, it is sort of locked already.
5:08:53 PM[eBaiting]I just want to be rid of eBay
5:09:06 PMGlenda B.Yes, sure, you will.
5:09:16 PM[eBaiting]Last time I waited 180 days
5:09:21 PM[eBaiting]And it still was not closed
5:09:30 PM[eBaiting]I just know something is going to get screwed up again this time
5:10:24 PMGlenda B.All of us here are informed about it, [eBaiting]. I can see the note here.
5:10:30 PM[eBaiting]What note?
5:10:37 PMGlenda B.I assure you, it will be closed.
5:10:44 PM[eBaiting]Can you tell me what it says?
5:10:56 PMGlenda B.It says, it is in a sure process of closure.
5:11:04 PM[eBaiting]Anything else?
5:12:18 PMGlenda B.It says her that you've been contacting eBay about this and kept on coming back.
5:12:33 PM[eBaiting]Yes because no one will listen to me
5:12:39 PMGlenda B.I can see that all of us here are kept aware of your issue.
5:12:48 PM[eBaiting]I told you no one could help me
5:13:00 PMGlenda B.I assure you that your request has been heard.
5:13:07 PM[eBaiting]But not answered
5:13:11 PM[eBaiting]There is a difference
5:13:38 PMGlenda B.It takes time, [eBaiting].
5:13:45 PM[eBaiting]It has already taken 180 days
5:13:47 PM[eBaiting]189 today
5:13:53 PM[eBaiting]That is long enough
5:14:47 PMGlenda B.I understand where you're coming from [eBaiting].
5:14:56 PM[eBaiting]You're just saying that
5:15:40 PMGlenda B.I am sincere, [eBaiting].
5:15:58 PM[eBaiting]eBay just tells you to say this stuff
5:15:59 PMGlenda B.Your request is like you're wanting a cut to heal immediately.
5:16:12 PMGlenda B.No, they do not.
5:16:19 PM[eBaiting]Yeah, eBay really is like an open wound, good analogy
5:16:29 PM[eBaiting]An open infected wound oozing with pus
5:16:30 PMGlenda B.I am telling you my personal thoughts.
5:16:47 PMGlenda B.You can't heal a cut immediately.
5:16:51 PM[eBaiting]I waited 180 days
5:16:57 PMGlenda B.Time is needed.
5:17:03 PM[eBaiting]Time has been spent
5:17:55 PMGlenda B.Yes, okay, [eBaiting], please wait. It will be resolved in not more than 2 weeks.
5:18:04 PM[eBaiting]It should be resolved already
5:18:21 PM[eBaiting]What if after 2 weeks it's still open?
5:18:25 PM[eBaiting]What then?
5:18:31 PM[eBaiting]Do I wait ANOTHER 2 weeks?
5:19:57 PMGlenda B.[eBaiting], you were right that I cannot help you get this resolved this time because the note says it will be resolved in not more than 2 weeks. [eBaiting], please understand that we can't get against system processes.
5:20:50 PM[eBaiting]Someone could
5:21:11 PMGlenda B.Nobody could, [eBaiting].
5:21:22 PM[eBaiting]One of the programmers could
5:21:26 PM[eBaiting]Or database admins
5:21:32 PM[eBaiting]They could just mark it closed
5:21:42 PM[eBaiting]There is no reason for it to take this long
5:21:43 PMGlenda B.They still need a process to that.
5:21:51 PM[eBaiting]Can't they go directly into the DB?
5:21:57 PM[eBaiting]I know how this stuff works
5:22:06 PM[eBaiting]If you can get me the master password I would try it
5:24:03 PM[eBaiting]I promise I wouldn't touch anything else
5:24:18 PM[eBaiting]Do you believe me?
5:25:32 PMGlenda B.Oh, that request is like flying to the moon at the moment.
5:25:48 PMGlenda B.[eBaiting], please..
5:26:00 PM[eBaiting]I am just tired of this
5:27:31 PMGlenda B.Me, too. I personally want to help you but I do not have the power to do so.
5:27:45 PM[eBaiting]Unfortunately you are the only ones I can ask
5:27:56 PM[eBaiting]I can't contact Trust & Safety except through email
5:28:09 PMGlenda B.We are mere general support reps and we help members on how to buy or sell.
5:29:00 PM[eBaiting]There needs to be someone who can help people like me
5:29:09 PM[eBaiting]Someone I can have a conversation with
5:29:15 PM[eBaiting]Instead of filling out a web form
5:32:28 PMGlenda B.I understand your request, [eBaiting]. But that is a protocol.
5:32:35 PM[eBaiting]It needs to change
5:33:14 PMGlenda B.I appreciate if you could put this as a suggestion. You can put that here:
5:33:34 PM[eBaiting]No, it's a waste of time. Nobody reads those.
5:33:44 PM[eBaiting]I have my own way to get their attention
5:33:47 PM[eBaiting]This is part of it
5:37:52 PMGlenda B.[eBaiting], I have called the attention of my sup about this as well. Now, I have to attend to other members too.
5:38:02 PMGlenda B.I know I can't totally help directly.
5:38:25 PMGlenda B.While I want to help more people, may I spend my time with them now?
5:38:35 PM[eBaiting]Can you mail a transcript of this chat to [My email address]?
5:39:14 PM[eBaiting]And who's your sup?
5:39:19 PM[eBaiting]I've talked to about 6 of them
5:42:34 PMGlenda B.[eBaiting], what you can do is copy this transcript.
5:42:44 PMGlenda B.My Sup is Diana D.
5:42:48 PM[eBaiting]I tried that, it's not working with my browser
5:42:54 PM[eBaiting]I don't think I've talked to her
5:45:42 PMGlenda B.They just went out for a meeting though. I mentioned your issue about here already. Don't worry, everyone can read the note in your account.
5:45:55 PM[eBaiting]But will they?
5:48:05 PMGlenda B.They will surely read and understand the note in your account.
5:48:15 PMGlenda B.Don;t worry [eBaiting].
5:48:27 PM[eBaiting]If you say so

At this point I left my desk for about 10 minutes.

5:50:39 PMGlenda B.I have to disconnect now [eBaiting], I do not want to keep you while I can't do anything more for you. I am so sorry that I do not have the power to do your request. But I assure you that the team for account closure processed its closure already.
5:59:10 PM[eBaiting]Wow you're still here? I went to get something to eat.
6:01:13 PM[eBaiting]You too?
6:02:36 PM[eBaiting]Is there anyone else I can talk to here?
6:04:15 PM[eBaiting]Ok I'm just going to start a new chat session then.

And so I did.

[Total chat time: 1 hour, 6 minutes.]

6:06:45 PMSystemInitial Question/Comment: Other
6:06:51 PMSystemThank you for contacting eBay Live Help!
6:06:51 PMSystemYou are successfully connected to eBay Live Help. Please hold for the next available Live Help Agent.
6:07:42 PMSystemJef J. has joined this session!
6:07:42 PMSystemConnected with Jef J.
6:07:52 PMJef J.Hello, thank you for waiting and welcome to eBay Live Chat! My name is Jef. If you're a registered member, may I please start by having your User ID and first name please?
6:07:56 PM[eBaiting]Hiya
6:08:12 PMJef J.Hi! How may I help you today?
6:08:21 PM[eBaiting]Same problem as always
6:08:28 PM[eBaiting]My account should be closed but it's not
6:09:25 PMJef J.Thank you for informing us about this. I'd be happy to assist you on this matter.
6:09:51 PMJef J.May I ask for the User Id and email address that is linked to your eBay account please?
6:10:08 PM[eBaiting]
6:10:14 PM[eBaiting][My email address]
6:10:56 PMJef J.Thanks. Let me check that one for you.
6:13:13 PMJef J.One moment please.
6:16:21 PMJef J.Thank you or your patience. I will transfer you to my supervisor, okay?
6:16:31 PM[eBaiting]ok
6:16:52 PMJef J.It's been a pleasure speaking with you today. Thank you for coming to eBay Live Chat, have a great day.
6:18:32 PM[eBaiting]ok
6:20:15 PMJef J.One moment please.
6:20:25 PM[eBaiting]ok
6:22:26 PM[eBaiting]ok
6:22:48 PMSystemJef J. has left this session!
6:22:49 PMSystemApril A. has joined this session!
6:22:49 PMSystemConnected with April A.
6:22:58 PMApril A.Hello, thank you for waiting and welcome to eBay Live Chat! My name is April A. Supervisor in charge, One moment please while I read your previous transcript.
6:23:01 PM[eBaiting]ok
6:23:19 PMSystemApril A. has left this session!
6:23:19 PMSystemThank you for contacting eBay Live Help!
6:23:19 PMSystemYou are successfully connected to eBay Live Help. Please hold for the next available Live Help Agent.
6:23:29 PMSystemKenny W. has joined this session!
6:23:29 PMSystemConnected with Kenny W.
6:24:08 PM[eBaiting]What happened to April A?
6:24:16 PMKenny W.Hello again.
6:24:52 PMKenny W.There has been no further changes with regards to your account, so we are unable to assist you further in this situation.
6:25:06 PM[eBaiting]Why not?
6:26:14 PMKenny W.Because as I have stated to you in yesterday, it's currently in the process of closure.
6:26:29 PM[eBaiting]Why can't someone just go into the database and c lose it?
6:26:42 PM[eBaiting]Why must it sit for 180+ days?
6:27:34 PMKenny W.As I have explained in the past, it is the standard closing time and is unable to be used. Again, nothing has changed and it will not be closed.
6:27:35 PMKenny W.Bye for now.

Hmm, looks like the buck stops at Kenny.

[Total chat time: 21 minutes.]

6:29:27 PMSystemInitial Question/Comment: Other
6:29:33 PMSystemThank you for contacting eBay Live Help!
6:29:33 PMSystemYou are successfully connected to eBay Live Help. Please hold for the next available Live Help Agent.
6:30:29 PMSystemWe appreciate your patience. You will be able to type in your question as soon as you are connected with a Live Help Agent. Please continue to hold for the next available representative.
6:31:30 PMSystemWe apologize for the wait and thank you for your continued patience. Please continue to hold to keep your place in line. You should be connected to the next available agent shortly.
6:32:31 PMSystemWe are sorry for the delayed connection. Your question is important to us and one of our representatives will be with you soon.
6:35:13 PMSystemChristian B. has joined this session!
6:35:13 PMSystemConnected with Christian B.
6:35:18 PMChristian B.Hello, thanks for waiting and welcome to eBay Live Chat! My name is Christian. If you're a registered member, may I please start by having you confirm your User ID and first name?
6:35:30 PM[eBaiting][My eBay ID], [My first name]
6:35:51 PMChristian B.Hi! How are you today [eBaiting]?
6:35:54 PM[eBaiting]Bad
6:36:26 PMChristian B.I understand. How may I help you?
6:36:44 PM[eBaiting]My account won't close
6:37:02 PMChristian B.I understand. I'd be happy to check that for you.
6:37:12 PMChristian B.May I have your registered email address please? Let me see what information I could gather to help you on this.
6:37:21 PM[eBaiting][My email address]
6:37:38 PMChristian B.Thanks! Hold on for a moment while I review this.
6:40:36 PMChristian B.Thank you for holding, I have reviewed your account and it looks like your account is on the termination process already. What you may do is to wait for it to be fully completed.
6:40:53 PM[eBaiting]I don't think I should have to wait
6:41:04 PM[eBaiting]It was supposed to be closed 9 days ago
6:41:19 PM[eBaiting]That was 180 days since I requested it in October
6:41:35 PMChristian B.I understand where you are coming from. Rest assured that our Registration department will look onto your concern the soonest time possible and be able to help you get this closed asap though..
6:41:41 PM[eBaiting]But eBay screwed up
6:41:45 PM[eBaiting]ASAP is now
6:41:49 PM[eBaiting]Not 2 weeks from now
6:42:41 PMSystemChristian B. has left this session!
6:42:41 PMSystemKatrina S. has joined this session!
6:42:41 PMSystemConnected with Katrina S.
6:42:50 PM[eBaiting]Ruh roh raggy, ruperrisor
6:43:58 PMKatrina S.Hello. This is Katrina, Christian's Supervisor. I understand you need us to close your account through Live Chat, is that correct?
6:44:14 PM[eBaiting]It should already be closed
6:46:28 PMKatrina S.May I please have your full name, complete address, and telephone number?
6:46:35 PM[eBaiting][My name]
6:46:40 PM[eBaiting][My address]
6:46:45 PM[eBaiting][My phone number]
6:48:44 PMKatrina S.Thank you, [eBaiting].
6:49:04 PMKatrina S.I see here that your Account Closure request has been processed and all you have to do is wait for 14 days.
6:49:13 PM[eBaiting]It should already be closed
6:49:19 PM[eBaiting]I waited 180
6:52:52 PM[eBaiting]ehe?
6:53:19 PMKatrina S.Your account should be closed within 14 days. The request was made on the 29th so you have to wait til the 12th of May for it to be completely closed.
6:53:28 PM[eBaiting]They told me the 14th before
6:53:33 PM[eBaiting]Are you sure it's the 12th?
6:54:10 PMKatrina S.I cannot process nor do I have the ability to close your account. Again, please wait 14 days - count from April 29. So the closure should be fulfilled by the 12th.
6:54:17 PM[eBaiting]Ok the 12th
6:54:26 PM[eBaiting]I am holding eBay to that
6:54:32 PMKatrina S.If you don't have issues other thank this, I'm going to have to let you go.
6:54:38 PMKatrina S.than*
6:54:40 PM[eBaiting]Oh I have lots of issues
6:54:53 PMKatrina S.Is there anything else I can help you with, [eBaiting]?
6:55:08 PM[eBaiting]Yes I am having problems closing my account
6:56:05 PMKatrina S.Like I said earlier, you will have to wait for the process to reach its full completion which should be on May 12. If you don't have anything other than account closure, I'm going to have to disconnect this session.

See? SEE?? They did it again!! Go back and look at the previous chats, every single person up to this point has said the 14th. Now Hurricane Katrina comes along and tells me the 12th. Is it any wonder I'm convinced I'll eventually get the answer I want if I just keep asking?

[Total chat time: 27 minutes.]

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