5/9/2007 (Day 195)

My first session on Day 195 just hung and hung. On the second try, I got Pooyan K. (Yes, his name really is "Pooyan", like that arcade game where you are pigs who shoot at balloons tied to wolves. Old video games are weird.) This guy was sneaky, read on...

5:43:10 PMSystemInitial Question/Comment: Other
5:43:16 PMSystemThank you for contacting eBay Live Help!
5:43:17 PMSystemYou are successfully connected to eBay Live Help. Please hold for the next available Live Help Agent.
5:44:12 PMSystemWe appreciate your patience. You will be able to type in your question as soon as you are connected with a Live Help Agent. Please continue to hold for the next available representative.
5:45:13 PMSystemWe apologize for the wait and thank you for your continued patience. Please continue to hold to keep your place in line. You should be connected to the next available agent shortly.
5:45:18 PMSystemJae A. has joined this session!
5:45:18 PMSystemConnected with Jae A.
5:45:23 PMJae A.Hello, thank you so much for waiting and welcome to eBay Live chat! My name is Jae. If you are a registered member, may I start by having you confirm your User ID and First Name please?
5:45:28 PM[eBaiting]Hi
5:45:35 PM[eBaiting]This is [eBaiting]
5:45:40 PM[eBaiting]I think my other session is stuck
5:45:58 PM[eBaiting]It keeps saying it is sorry for the delay and someone will be with me soon.
5:46:20 PMJae A.Ok let me check for you just one moment please.
5:49:44 PMJae A.In order to help you better at this situation, Iíll help you to connect to our GS Lead team. While I connect you with GS Lead team Keep in mind there may be a wait time once you get transferred to this queue. If this chat disconnects please feel free to come back into eBay Live Chat by clicking on our link on the eBay homepage. May I go ahead and do that now?
5:49:58 PM[eBaiting]Sure, pass the buck
5:50:06 PMJae A.Thank you!
5:50:15 PMSystemJae A. has left this session!
5:51:16 PMSystemPooyan K. has joined this session!
5:51:17 PMSystemConnected with Pooyan K.
5:51:25 PM[eBaiting]Hi
5:51:31 PMPooyan K.Greetings. My name is Pooyan and I am Jae's Supervisor, how may I assist you?
5:51:31 PM[eBaiting]Did you just close my other session?
5:51:42 PM[eBaiting]Because it suddenly cleared up
5:51:44 PM[eBaiting]It was hung before
5:52:47 PMPooyan K.The system may have done that when I took this chat. Cannot have two chats in the system at the same time.
5:53:06 PM[eBaiting]Really? I've been doing it a lot the last 2 weeks, no problems until now.
5:53:22 PM[eBaiting]Is this something the recent upgrades fixed?
5:53:45 PMPooyan K.What I meant was, I cannot have two chats at the same time. SInce the chats are escalated to me, when I take one, the other one drops since it is the same member.
5:54:00 PM[eBaiting]Oh
5:54:03 PM[eBaiting]Ok makes sense
5:54:30 PMPooyan K.Now, how may I assist you this time?
5:54:45 PM[eBaiting]Just need to have my account closed
5:54:58 PM[eBaiting]Already filled out the request
5:55:01 PM[eBaiting]Waited the 180 days
5:55:05 PM[eBaiting]But it didn't go through
5:55:11 PM[eBaiting]So I submitted another
5:55:18 PM[eBaiting]But I think it ought to be closed right away
5:55:22 PM[eBaiting]No more waiting
5:56:26 PMPooyan K.Yes, your account is pending termination, which really means that it has been closed, just has not been completely deleted from the system, but that should occur soon.
5:56:37 PMPooyan K.Technically, your account IS closed.
5:56:49 PM[eBaiting]I need it completely closed
5:56:51 PM[eBaiting]For closure
5:57:03 PM[eBaiting]I don't even want to be able to log in
5:58:27 PMPooyan K.Just a moment please.
5:58:32 PM[eBaiting]Ok
6:01:40 PMPooyan K.Sorry to keep you waiting, I appreciate your patience. I am still looking into this for you.
6:03:16 PM[eBaiting]Yeah there's a lotta crap to read, i'n't there?
6:04:13 PMPooyan K.Ok, try logging into the account now.
6:04:42 PM[eBaiting]One second please...
6:08:31 PM[eBaiting]Windows is crashing, I may have to reboot
6:08:37 PM[eBaiting]I will try again later
6:08:43 PM[eBaiting]But can you tell me what you changed?
6:12:10 PM[eBaiting]Ok fine do not speak to me

My cruddy old PC crashed at this point but luckily I was able to save the chat. Now, did Pooyan K. really close my account? I strongly suspected he just reset my password, so to be sure I decided to request a new one, and lo and behold I was still able to! Pooyan K. did this in an effort to trick me into thinking my account was completely closed, just to get rid of me. THAT'S the sort of impact I was having on these people! *Sigh*, well, time to add this guy to the growing list of supervisors I need to file complaints about...

[Total chat time: 29 minutes.]

5/10/2007 (Day 196)

10:01:12 AMSystemInitial Question/Comment: Other
10:01:18 AMSystemThank you for contacting eBay Live Help!
10:01:18 AMSystemYou are successfully connected to eBay Live Help. Please hold for the next available Live Help Agent.
10:02:13 AMSystemWe appreciate your patience. You will be able to type in your question as soon as you are connected with a Live Help Agent. Please continue to hold for the next available representative.
10:02:33 AMSystemLeah R. has joined this session!
10:02:33 AMSystemConnected with Leah R.
10:02:37 AMLeah R.Hello, thank you for waiting and welcome to eBay Live Chat! My name is Leah. If you're a registered member, may I please start by having you confirm your User ID and first name?
10:02:37 AM[eBaiting]Hello
10:02:44 AM[eBaiting][My eBay ID]
10:02:46 AM[eBaiting][eBaiting]
10:03:08 AMLeah R.Thank you. How may I help you, [eBaiting]?
10:03:39 AM[eBaiting]One of the other LiveHelp operators tried to trick me.
10:03:45 AM[eBaiting]Last night.
10:04:53 AMLeah R.What can I do for you?
10:05:07 AM[eBaiting]I just want a note made about it
10:06:23 AMLeah R.Okay. Will take a note on this. Do you have the name of the other Live Help agent? Or, the session id of your previous chat?
10:06:35 AM[eBaiting]Yes I spoke with a Pooyan K.
10:06:46 AM[eBaiting]I have been trying to close my account for weeks
10:06:54 AM[eBaiting]Most of the time they just tell me to wait
10:06:58 AM[eBaiting]But Pooyan K was sneaky
10:07:11 AM[eBaiting]Pooyan K went and changed my password without telling me
10:07:15 AM[eBaiting]To make me think my account was closed.
10:07:37 AM[eBaiting]But I was still able to go in and request a new one
10:07:42 AM[eBaiting]Which means my account is still active.
10:09:08 AMLeah R.Okay. Will take note of this.
10:09:15 AMLeah R.Thanks for your time.
10:09:16 AM[eBaiting]Who will?
10:09:36 AM[eBaiting]Also can you do anything about my account still being open?
10:09:36 AMLeah R.I will inform my supervisor about this.
10:09:40 AM[eBaiting]Today is the 196th day.
10:09:49 AM[eBaiting]Your supervisor isn't Henry Y is it?
10:09:51 AM[eBaiting]He does not like me
10:09:53 AM[eBaiting]He is mean to me
10:11:13 AMLeah R.Oh, I am sorry, but I am unable to get that account open. YOu may need to get in touch with our Account Activation team for that.
10:11:20 AM[eBaiting]How can I reach them?
10:11:25 AMLeah R.No, he is not my supervisor.
10:11:29 AM[eBaiting]Also I do not want it activated, I want it INactivated.
10:11:35 AM[eBaiting]Is Meridyth your supervisor?
10:11:38 AM[eBaiting]Or Kenny W?
10:11:46 AM[eBaiting]Kenny W also dislikes me but he tries to be nice about it.
10:11:55 AMLeah R.Account activation team can be reached through email support team.
10:11:57 AM[eBaiting]Meridyth's sessions always crash
10:12:04 AM[eBaiting]So I call her Meridyth McDisconnectyPants
10:12:10 AM[eBaiting]That is not too catchy though
10:12:18 AM[eBaiting]I think I have talked with most of the supervisors at least once
10:12:21 AM[eBaiting]Sometimes more
10:14:53 AMLeah R.I understand. You will need to get in touch with our Activations team for your issue.
10:14:53 AMLeah R.Would you like a link to get in touch with them?
10:15:08 AM[eBaiting]Are they the ones that only can be reached by email?
10:15:14 AM[eBaiting]Trust & Safety?
10:15:48 AMLeah R.They are our Activations team.
10:15:58 AM[eBaiting]Are they the ones that only can be reached by email?
10:16:43 AMLeah R.Yes, you need to get in touch with them via email.
10:16:56 AM[eBaiting]Ok I think I have already sent them like 500 emails
10:16:59 AM[eBaiting]But go ahead, send the link
10:17:28 AMLeah R.Here's the link to get in touch with them: http://pages.ebay.com/help/contact_us/_base/result_1_2_3.html
10:17:33 AMLeah R.From that page, please click on the "Email Us" link. Thank you.
10:17:47 AM[eBaiting]Ok yeah, I've been to this page before
10:17:50 AM[eBaiting]The linky is pinky
10:17:52 AM[eBaiting]That is how I know
10:18:43 AMLeah R.Please do get in touch with them using that email link as they will be the ones who can address your concern.
10:18:48 AMLeah R.Is there anything else that I can help you with?
10:18:51 AM[eBaiting]I already sent them like 500 emails
10:18:56 AM[eBaiting]Are you saying I should send more?
10:19:10 AM[eBaiting](BTW 500 is *not* an exaggeration)
10:19:23 AMLeah R.If you already sent them an email, please do wait for them to respond. No need to send other email messages.
10:19:32 AM[eBaiting]Ok I will send them a bunch more like you say
10:20:28 AMLeah R.Do you have any further eBay questions?
10:20:34 AM[eBaiting]Is eBay payPal?
10:21:08 AMLeah R.Though PayPal is an affiliate of eBay, they are two separate accounts.
10:25:08 AMLeah R.Is there anything else?
10:25:27 AM[eBaiting]So when exactly will my account be closed?
10:27:28 AMLeah R.I am sorry, but I am not able to confirm when will your account be closed. Please get in touch with our email support team for that.
10:27:33 AM[eBaiting]ok
10:28:03 AMLeah R.It's been a pleasure chatting with you. Thanks for your time and I hope you have a wonderful day ahead.
10:28:11 AM[eBaiting]No you don't

[Total chat time: 27 minutes.]

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