Who's Minding the Store?

This is a list of LiveHelp support people I've been able to put together since I started eBaiting. It's likely already outdated. I imagine eBay support is a high turnover job due to the level of abuse they undoubtedly have to deal with from frustrated users (and now, on top of it, pests like me). If you encounter someone not on this list while eBaiting, please email me. (Delete the anti-spam CAPS message from my address.)

LiveHelp Support Staff:
Abigail P.
Ashley D. (supervisor = Meridyth)
Bob M. (supervisor = Leena S.)
Canh P.
Chris Bu (supervisor = Kenny W.)
Christian B. (supervisor = Katrina S.)
Chyna M. (supervisor = Jarvey G.)
Cindy T. (supervisor = Leena S.)
Dave D.
Donna L.
Eric D.
Glenda B. (supervisor = Diana D.)
Golden G.
Jade R.
Jae A. (supervisor = Pooyan K.)
Jane U. (supervisor = Ruby O.)
Jef J.
Jeff R. L.
Jeremy B.
Jerry M. (supervisor = Eddie P.) (a GIRL, not a guy!)
Jesse G. (supervisor = Jose F.)
John T. L. (supervisor = Kenny W.)
Joy P.
Laura A.
Lawrence (supervisor = Allison B.)
Leah R.
Lou D.
Maria M. (supervisor = Jimmy B.)
Maria N.
Mark M. M.
Ray S.
Ruth (no last initial given)
Sheila Z. (supervisor = Melanie S.)
Sheryll C.
Sonia B.
Vance G.
Vaughn M.

LiveHelp Supervisors:
Allison B.
Diana D.
Eddie P.
Henry Y.
Jarvey G.
Jimmy B.
Jose F.
Katrina S.
Kenny W. (Working hours = Tues-Sat, 8am-5pm PST)
Leena S.
Melanie S.
Meridyth (gets disconnected a LOT!)
Pooyan K.
Ruby O.

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