The Chats

One Man's Quest to Close His eBay Account
Have you ever tried to close your eBay account? I mean permanently close it, so that you'll never be able to use it again? It's hard to do. These are the complete transcripts of the original chats I had with LiveHelp while trying to close mine. Aside from a little formatting, some commentary in [ ], and masking my personal information, they are completely unedited.

The 180th Day
"Help Me Find Some Porno"
eBay Has Broken
Disconnected from a Supervisor... Three Times!!
Jose Cuts Off My Rant
"What Else Would Get Me Suspended?"
"Does eBay Shoot People?"
Global Warming
"I Wish I Wish I Was a Fish"
Annoying Kenny
Henry Y. Strikes Back!
"No One Can Help Me"
Can M&Ms Pee?
Pernicious Password Prevaricator Pooyan
"I Will Pay You"
Why, Henry Y., Why??

But It Doesn't End There!
eBaiting is fun, so why should I stop just because my account is closed? Check back soon for more of my chats with the beleaguered LiveHelp staff!

Got a great eBaiting transcript? Send it over (but delete the C@PS anti-spam message from my address) and I'll post it for everyone to enjoy.

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